Randall C. Monroe and Teresa Maher obtained a not guilty in alleged nerve injury from anesthesia

Tried 5/4/15 – 5/14/15

Randall C. Monroe and Teresa Maher tried a medical malpractice case from May 4 through May 14, 2015, and obtained a not guilty verdict in favor of their anesthesiologist client. The plaintiff was a 47 year old periodontist who underwent an arthroscopic shoulder surgery under a regional block administered by the defendant anesthesiologist. The plaintiff alleged that during the regional block, the defendant injected the anesthetic agent intra-neurally, causing nerve damage in her dominant arm, and ultimately causing complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and an inability to perform periodontal surgery in her practice. The plaintiff’s pretrial settlement demand of $7.5 million was withdrawn just prior to trial, and the plaintiff requested $6.1 million of the jury.