Randall C. Monroe obtained a not guilty verdict in stroke case following chiropractic adjustment in young patient

Tried 09/14/17 – 09/22/17

Randall C. Monroe tried a chiropractic malpractice from September 14 through September 22, 2017, and obtained a not guilty verdict on behalf of his chiropractor client.  The plaintiff, a 29 year old zookeeper, presented to the defendant chiropractor on May 10, 2013, with complaints of low back and upper back pain.  On the second visit, May 11, 2013, the defendant performed a manual adjustment of her cervical spine, among other treatments. Later that evening she began to develop soreness, and by the next morning she had pain at the base of her skull on the right,  which progressed to 9 out of 10 in severity by the next visit three days later. On June 5, 2017, she suffered a stroke, and was found to have a right vertebral artery dissection at C1. As a result of her stroke, which involved the right cerebellum and right medulla, the plaintiff suffers from left hemi-body dysesthesia which has evolved into a pain syndrome, requiring medication for the remainder of her life.  The plaintiff requested $1.5 – 2 million from the jury, and had made a $1 million policy demand just prior to trial.