Randall C. Monroe obtained not guilty in chiropractic malpractice case with claim of third degree burn

Tried 02/08/17 – 02/09/17

Randall C. Monroe tried a chiropractic malpractice case from February 8 through February 9, 2017, and obtained a not guilty verdict in favor of his chiropractor client. The plaintiff was a 62-year-old man who presented to the defendant with severe neck pain, and was treated with hot moist packs, interferential therapy, ultrasound, soft tissue massage and cervical adjustment. During his initial visit, he was left unattended for 30 minutes with the hot moist packs and interferential therapy electrodes in place. He claimed that during this treatment, he began to feel an intense burning on his back. He called out for help, but no one responded. At the conclusion of the treatment, he claimed he had an area of second and third degree burn on his mid-back. The defendant denied that the plaintiff was burned during the treatment, and testified he first learned of the injury the following day when the patient called to cancel his next appointment. The plaintiff requested $30,000 of the jury.