Mary Kay Scott Obtains Not Guilty Verdict for Defendant Physician in Case Tried in February/March

Mary Kay Scott recently obtained a not guilty verdict on behalf of a defendant physician in a case tried in February and March, 2006, in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Chicago, IL. The minor male plaintiff, age two and one half, had bilateral inguinal hernia repair surgery performed by the defendant physician and during the procedure his right vas deferens was severed. The defense argued this was a known complication that was recognized and repaired by a consulting urologist during the original hernia repair surgery. The left vas deferens was uninjured. The child had not yet reached puberty, and due to the repair having been performed, and the unaffected left vas deferens, there was no testimony of any ongoing injury or sterility to the child age 13 at time of trial. The demand was $150,000, and no offer was made. No post trial motions were filed.