Amy L. Anderson obtains a defense verdict for Enterprise Leasing Company of Chicago, LLC

Tried 10/01/18 – 10/09/18

Plaintiff, an Uber driver, had dropped a passenger at Terminal 3 at O’ Hare.  As he was exiting the end of the terminal, he alleged a vehicle was reversing toward his Suburban causing him to come to a complete stop.  He was struck from behind by the Enterprise shuttle bus at a slow speed.  Plaintiff claimed neck and low back injuries including an aggravation of pre-existing low back arthritis.  He had received physical therapy and two epidural steroid injections to his low back between the date of the accident in August 2014 and June 2015.  He did not seek treatment again until 2017 and was still receiving treatment for his low back at trial in 2018.  The plaintiff asked for $600,000 to $725,000 including future pain and medical care.  The jury awarded $116,000 which included the medical bills for treatment to 2015 and past pain and loss of a normal life.  The defense had offered $125,000 in settlement before trial.