Randy Monroe Obtains Not Guilty in Nationally Reported Trial

Randy Monroe tried a wrongful death case in Kane County, February 10-21, 2003.

The plaintiff’s decedent, a 38 year old black male, was electrocuted while breaking into George O’s Place, a bar owned by the co-defendant. Mr. Monroe represented Alarm One, who installed the security system in the bar, and allegedly knew of and helped install an electrical booby trap to deter burglars, which caused the death of the plaintiff’s decedent. The plaintiff’s decedent left surviving a mother and younger brother. The plaintiff requested $800,000, and a verdict of $150,000 was returned against the co-defendant bar owners, reduced by 50 percent based upon the comparative negligence of the plaintiff’s decedent. The case was the subject of a Dateline episode, and the verdict was reported on the front page of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Alarm One was found not guilty on all counts.