Randall C. Monroe obtained a not guilty in sciatic nerve injury following hip replacement surgery case

Tried 07/07/16 –07/15/16

Randall C. Monroe tried a medical malpractice case from July 7 through July 15, 2016, and obtained a not guilty verdict in favor of his orthopedic surgeon client. The plaintiff was a 69-year-old woman who underwent a left total hip replacement surgery performed by the defendant at Holy Cross Hospital on March 11, 2011. The morning after surgery the plaintiff had a complete left foot drop, and claimed the defendant injured the sciatic nerve during the surgery. The plaintiff’s orthopedic surgeon expert testified that such an injury cannot occur without negligence by the surgeon, and that the defendant either lacerated the nerve or compressed it during the surgery. The defendant’s orthopedic surgeon testified that the technique described by the defendant was appropriate and within the standard of care, and that such injuries are a known and recognized complication of the surgery. The plaintiff’s last settlement demand was a $1 million/$400,000 high/low agreement, and the plaintiff requested $2.5 million of the jury.?